UConn Community: Process Time

How Much Time Should I Allot for the Contracting Process?

The Contracting Process typically takes 52 business days from the date business terms have been finalized or 42 business days from the date final business term exhibits are provided to the Contract Specialist.

Contracts that do not require the Hartford Office of the Attorney General’s approval can typically be finalized within 42 business days. Contracts that require neither the Hartford nor the Storrs Office of the Attorney General’s approval can typically be finalized within 32 business days.

To help the UConn community plan their contracting endeavors, below is a work-back schedule demonstrating the contracting process timeline:

 Final Business Terms Provided to Contracting Final Business Term Exhibits Provided to Contracting Vendor Execution    University Execution Storrs AG  Approval Hartford  AG Approval  Fully Executed Contract 
 52 business days before “X” Date 42 business days before “X” Date 35 business days before “X” Date 25 business  days before “X” Date 20 business days before “X” Date  10 business days before “X” Date  “X” Date