Contracting Process- Roles & Responsibilities

Four UConn participants have a role in forming and managing vendor relationships:

  • the End User Department, which the University Department that wishes to purchase or use a good or service
  • the Buyer in Procurement Services
  • the Business Analyst in Procurement Services
  • the Contract Specialist in Procurement Services

The chart below describes the four participants’ respective roles in forming and managing vendor relationships.

End User Departments are responsible and accountable for crucial elements of the vendor relationship. The role of End User Departments includes complex and detailed tasks, such as settling business terms with vendors, ensuring proposed changes to the work do not occur until the changes are adequately documented and reviewed by Procurement Services, and making sure vendors perform properly and invoice appropriately. Each End User Department should ensure that an individual in the End User Department is assigned to manage each vendor relationship and ensure that each assigned individual has reviewed the information below and is adequately trained and overseen. Check out this fun video describing some End User responsibilities.

Procurement Services is very glad to provide End User Departments with vendor management training. Please contact Procurement Services for more information.

End User Department Buyer Business Analyst Contract Specialist


Settling Business Terms


Regulatory/Policy Compliance


Directing work


Monitoring performance


Reviewing Invoices

Ensures documentation is consistent with business terms settled by Owner Department.


Determines contract vehicle.


Determines if and when to engage Business Analyst and/or Contract Specialist.


Issues Purchase Order when contract vehicle is finalized.

When engaged by Buyer, consults department and industry benchmarking resources to advise on strategy, market conditions, industry practices, and available contract vehicles.

When engaged by Buyer, reviews terms and conditions for consistency with settled business terms and advises on best contract vehicle to memorialize business terms.


Memorializes settled business terms in contract.


Drafts and negotiates legal terms.


Manages contract execution and Outside Counsel/State Attorney General review (where required).