About PSAs

The Personal Service Agreement (often referred to as a PSA or Form CO-802A) is a contract designed for simple transactions that do not require the participation of a Purchasing Agent to assist with sourcing and with the settlement of business terms.  Please review the PSA Procedure to determine whether a PSA is appropriate for your transaction.

When using a PSA, the initiating Department is responsible for negotiating business terms, properly memorializing those terms in the PSA, and securing the vendor’s signature.  If you prefer that Procurement Services handle these matters on your behalf, please contact the appropriate Purchasing Agent within the Purchasing Department.

For an agreement with a visitor from outside the United States,  please contact Accounts Payable to determine what documentation must be completed prior to beginning the PSA process.

For an agreement for which the UConn Foundation will reimburse the University, please contact the UConn Foundation prior to beginning the PSA process to ensure that the proper accounting measures are in place.  Foundation funds cannot be paid directly to a vendor.

For an agreement that is to be funded by a grant, please contact the Office of Sponsored Programs.